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Evansburg State Park Video

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Welcome to another episode of Husky Goes hiking! In this episode we are hiking the Skippack Creek Trail in Evansburg State Park near Collegeville, Pennsylvnia.

Maverick and I hope you enjoy this video, and we would welcome any suggestions you may have.

For information on what we used to shoot this video, click these links:

GoPro Hero 8:

Newwer Action Camera Kit:

Samsung S7:

Locations: Evansburg State Park Evansburg, PA

As always, Maverick and I would like to give you a big welcome to our video and if you enjoy this video, you can really help us out by hitting that like button.

This is one of my personal favorite trails, and Maverick and I hike this often throughout every season in nearly every weather condition. Today, the weather is clear and relatively dry which is great for this time of the year.

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