Brian Marchini

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.

Brian Marchini

My name is Brian Marchini, and I would like to thank you for visiting my website. I am an educator, graduate student, mentor and adventurist, and I use this site to post content, articles and contact information.


Professionally, I work at Bucks County Community College as administrator and part-time instructor. In my primary role, I technical and leadership support, and as needed, I have instructed courses in computer science courses with my specialty being database systems. I am also heavily involved in the promotion of the college and bringing new educational technologies into the classroom. I recently gave a talk on the application of game theory in the classroom at our Tech Day 2020 event with a series of lectures coming that will delve more in depth into this growing field of education.


I am also a doctoral student pursuing a PhD in Teaching, Learning and Technology. My focus is in instructional technologies and finding new ways to engage students. I hold a B.S. in computer science from Temple University where I spent my last three semesters heavily focused on mobile and web development in relation to database theory and design. I also hold an MBA from Lehigh University where I focused my attention on supply chain management, international business and data analytics. Though my credentials tend to be technical in nature, I began my academic career at Millersville University pursuing a BA in History with a focus on ancient history with a goal of becoming an archeologist and instructor.


Personally, I try to live a life of adventure and meaning. I take long hikes every weekend with my little husky, Maverick. My favorite time to hike is in winter when the temperature drops down into the 20s. I also enjoy mountain climbing and backpacking, and this past summer, Maverick and I completed the Presidential Traverse which is a 24-mile high altitude trek across the tallest mountains in the Northeast including Mount Jefferson, Mount Adams and Mount Washington at 6,288 feet. My goal within four years is to summit Mount Rainier with a dream being to attempt Denali, Blanc and Kilimanjaro within 15.


When I am not working, studying or adventuring, I try to donate my time mentoring students and helping them navigate their own journeys in education and transition to the workplace. I am an active participant in Lehigh Connect and the Temple Owl to Owl program and really encourage anyone with some free time to try mentoring. Needless to say, I am a strong advocate of education in all walks of life.

I am also a big believer in environmentalism and conserving wildlife and their natural habitats.

Something only my closest friends know about me?

In my last year of High School, I spent 18 months volunteering at an archeological dig site in Bucks County after school with a group of friends where we sifted, identified and cataloged items at an old Lenape Indian site.

Best Regards,

Brian Marchini

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